Deana and Kira discuss the foundation of their parenting philosophy: the importance of having a strong “why”. Every episode they share their “why behind the how” but in today’s episode they encourage listeners to think about their own overarching why and the benefits of parenting with this core concept.

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Kira and Deana answer a listener question about when your child’s love language is different than yours, especially if they enjoy physical affection and you are simply “touched out”.

Episodes referenced: Kids and Consent

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Kira and Deana sit down to chat with Deana’s daughter, Cienna, who is now a freshman in college. Cienna reflects on what it was like to be parented in a Future Focused way, the affects she sees now that she is on her own, and ways in which her upbringing differed from those of her peers.

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Deana and Kira talk with Alexandra Eidens, co-founder of Big Life Journal, about Growth Mindset and ways that parents can rethink mistakes, praise and their own modeling in order to foster a Growth Mindset in their children.

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Deana and Kira share a few things they wish they had, or hadn’t, said on previous episodes. Short, fun and good for a laugh!

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To Swear or Not to Swear…Or_Not.mp3

Blended Couplehood

Kids and Friendships

Kids and Travel

Kira and Deana discuss the madness that is the holiday season and share a few tips for how to make them as easy and gentle as possible. They also share some of the things that cause the “crazy” in their homes and laugh about each of their epic Christmas fails.

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Deana and Kira discuss the challenges parents face when talking with their children about current affairs and what is happening in the news. Together they share thoughts on when to start, how to share in ways that are honest, yet age-appropriate. They also talk about why having these conversations at home are so important.

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