Deana and Kira answer a listener question about how to teach children polite interruption in the car, where the “interrupt rule” is harder to do. 

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Deana and Kira discuss the complexities of kids and activities. How many is too many? What kinds should parents seek out? When should you start? And how do you maintain school work and family time in the process? Lots of great thoughts in this episode as well as ideas about what children can learn from the harder aspects of activities, including the ones they just aren’t interested in!

In their Season Three opener, Kira and Deana welcome Jetta Anderson from Family First Midwifery to the show. Together, they discuss what it means to prioritize your parenting experience, as well as how to set boundaries that enable you to accept your own limitations and be the parent you want to be.

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In the Season Two finale Deana and Kira talk about organization both in the home and for the family. They also share about a contest while they are on their break where listeners can win a free coaching session.

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Season Three goes live on July 8th!

Kira and Deana interview Brittany Homer from the podcast Raising Today’s Kids. Brittany discusses how to talk with our kids about pornography, create a family plan should exposure occur, and how strong parent/child connection is the greatest prevention of all.

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Kira and Deana talk about PPMD (Postpartum Mood Disorder) and Kira opens up about her personal experience with Postpartum Depression.  An important episode not just for expectant or new parents to hear, but also for their friends and family in order to know how to spot it and how to help.

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