Deana and Kira answer a listener question about teaching our kids the difference between telling and tattling. How do we raise upstanders without raising tattletales?

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Deana and Kira discuss the ambiguous loss that back to school will bring for both parents and kids, as well as the many losses we’ve already felt, and those that are yet to come. Together they share a few ideas about how to mitigate what will be an unprecedented start of the school year.

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Deana and Kira discuss the importance of quiet time for children of all ages. They share the long term benefits of teaching young kids how to embrace downtime, play independently and grow into adults who know how to take a break! The good news is, it’s never too late to make Quiet Time a regular occurrence in your home!

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Kira and Deana chat with Dr. Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute who shares her unique philosophy about how we can grow with our children, instead of growing apart. She discusses the three phases of a child’s growth into adulthood and the three ways parents can walk alongside them as they grow. She also shares the one line every parent needs to have in their back pocket and an image parents can carry with them to help them be “the wall” that their kids need them to be.

More on Dr. Powell:, @Kara.Powell.Author (FB), @karapowellfyi (IG)

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Deana and Kira open Season 4 by talking about the Oscar Award winning performance that is parenthood. They describe how to effectively cultivate your “I’m not shocked face” as well as why it’s so critical that parents create a safe space for kids to share whatever they are struggling with (even if it might be hard, as the parent, to hear it).

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In their Season Three finale Kira and Deana challenge listeners to pick one or two things they are going to focus on while Raising Adults breaks for two weeks (look out for replays of two of our most popular episodes each week of the break!). The co-hosts share their choices and ask listeners to join them on the journey! Season Four airs on July 20th!

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Kira and Deana discuss ways to lean in to kids’ big dreams as well as the pitfalls leaning in can cause. Deana shares a practical three-step strategy and Kira shares a few of the big ideas she’s leaned into. Together they talk about what went well, what went sideways, and what they hope their children take from the pursuit itself.

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Episode referenced: Raising Generation Z with Shalini Shankar

Kira and Deana talk about when to push our kids and when to back off. Together they share ways to find a hierarchy of values to inform your choices, a three step process to help you figure out which way to go and the impact (both positive and negative) of pushing too much or letting go too often. Listeners will also learn about Kira’s embarrassing little secret…bet you’ll never guess what it is!

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Deana and Kira discuss defiance, backtalk and more. Together they encourage listeners to think about what they might be allowing without meaning to, ways to foster a relationship of trust and cooperation as well as strategies for making a change if defiance has become a routine response.

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Deana and Kira speak with Katie, an FFP struggling with balancing “it’s ok to cry” and “does it have to be ALL of the time?” Together the co-hosts use their parent coaching method to help her to re-frame the problem, find solutions and arm her with some practical tools and strategies to try at home.

Check out our new online program: Parenting Anxious Kids