Deana and Kira share ways to be the parent without being a tyrant and the positive impact this can have on your relationship with your child. They also give tools and tips for re-balancing your home if things are out of whack.

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Deana and Kira discuss the importance of quiet time for children of all ages. They share the long term benefits of teaching young kids how to embrace downtime, play independently and grow into adults who know how to take a break! The good news is, it’s never too late to make Quiet Time a regular occurrence in your home!

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Today’s episode features Deana sharing practical tips to increase sleep for your baby. Deana shatters a few sleep myths and reveals some surprisingly simple strategies for ensuring optimal sleep cycles for infants, which helps parents sleep better as well.   Check out the online course – use discount code RAISINGADULTS for 15% off:   To buy a copy of Deana’s book:   Video show notes: