Kira and Deana chat with Dr. Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute who shares her unique philosophy about how we can grow with our children, instead of growing apart. She discusses the three phases of a child’s growth into adulthood and the three ways parents can walk alongside them as they grow. She also shares the one line every parent needs to have in their back pocket and an image parents can carry with them to help them be “the wall” that their kids need them to be.

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Deana and Kira open Season 4 by talking about the Oscar Award winning performance that is parenthood. They describe how to effectively cultivate your “I’m not shocked face” as well as why it’s so critical that parents create a safe space for kids to share whatever they are struggling with (even if it might be hard, as the parent, to hear it).

Our Sponsor: Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op, Referral Code: ADULTS

Deana shares with listeners who may be in a blended family some tips and practical advice for nurturing, strengthening and caring for a remarriage or new relationship.  Amidst the complexities of children, big feelings, and loss, how do couples make sure to keep their new relationship strong?

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Kira and Deana welcome couples and sex therapist, Nancy Owen onto the show.  Nancy discusses some of the ways relationships are affected by having children and offers practical tools and tips for navigating some of these relationship challenges for whatever phase of parenthood you are in.  Don’t miss this amazing episode that every couple should listen to!

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