Spin Cycle: Kids and Guns, Good Guys and Bad Guys

Deana and Kira answer a listener question from the episode about toy guns, good guys and bad guys. This episode is not a debate about guns, but rather a discussion about what messages we want our children to get from us as we navigate their toy…

Spin Cycle: So, a Jew Walks Into Sunday School…

In their first spin cycle of Season Two, Kira and Deana discuss what happened when Kira’s family went to church on the first night of Chanukkah.  Yes, you read that right. To sign up for the Attribute of the Month go to

Spin Cycle: More on Money

Deana adds some thoughts on the earlier money episode and dives deeper into teaching investment skills as well as thoughts on teaching children about debt and credit.

Spin Cycle: Sometimes Life Needs a Dress Rehearsal

Kira and Deana talk about a key parenting tool: rehearsing with your kids to help them know what to say and how to say it.  This can help with manners, safety prep, talking with teachers, dealing with friendship struggles and much more.

Spin Cycle: To Swear or Not to Swear

Kira and Deana discuss the different feedback about Kira’s use of swear words and engage in a lively discussion about kids, swearing, and social constructs.

Spin Cycle: Getting on the Same Page

In this bonus episode Deana and Kira answer a listener question about the Parenting on the Same Page episode and discuss ways to communicate and work together to get on the same page when you might not be already.