Meet Kira & Deana

Kira Dorrian (left) and Deana Thayer (right)

Deana Thayer has been a childbirth educator and birth doula for 16 years and also specializes in sleep consulting, parent coaching and blended family support. Deana sees parenting as the most important task she’ll ever undertake and enjoys helping families prepare for and successfully execute their own parenting journey. She believes strongly in being proactive and preventative rather than reactive and diagnostic in all aspects of parenthood. Deana is part of a fantastic blended family with her husband Scott and their five teenagers, Zach, Blake, Shea, Cienna and Marc.

Kira Dorrian has been working with expectant and new parents as a childbirth educator and parent coach for over a decade and specializes in preparing couples for their transition into parenthood, navigating the transition itself, and helping them raise emotionally intelligent children.  Kira has been a mental health professional with a private practice for the past ten years and is passionate about the mental health and wellness of the whole family as a key to a positive parenting experience.  Kira is married to an amazing (and patient) man named David, and is the mother of beautiful boy/girl twins, Rhys and Rhiannon.

Deana and Kira met nearly a decade ago in a professional capacity as childbirth educators. After Deana attended Kira’s birth as her doula (Deana’s first twin birth), they became fast friends. For years they hoped to find a way to work together. Now they do!

“My husband and I can’t say enough wonderful things about Deana! She has truly changed our lives in only wonderfully positive ways.” — Kristin G

“My husband and I cannot recommend Kira enough! Kira listened to our concerns and provided so much wisdom to help us figure out how to coach our son through his emotions…” — Candace H.