Parent Coaching


We know, we know…it sounds crazy. Parent coaching? Why would I hire someone to help me parent? Who does that?

Actually, people just like you! Families who genuinely care about raising fully functioning, healthy and happy adults, but often feel like they don’t know what to do.

Let’s face it – no one starts off as a parenting expert. But wouldn’t it be nice to have one when you need it? That’s why you hire a parent coach.


  • Single one-hour session – $125
  • Two one-hour sessions – $225
  • Three one-hour sessions – $350
  • Five sessions for the price of four – $500
  • Ten sessions for the price of eight – $1000


● Detailed questioning and listening to learn about your specific goals and needs

● Collaborative problem solving utilizing our education and expertise combined with your unique parenting strengths

● Fully customizable tools and strategies you can implement based on your parenting philosophy

● Communicative and emotional support throughout the client/coach relationship 

● Phone, email and text communication

● Availability to answer questions or change tactics as needed

● Sensitivity to differing family values and priorities, and a commitment to work within them


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“Kira is energetic, fun and super easy to talk to all while providing immense wisdom that I would not have been able to gather from 10 books- had I had the time to read them.” — Candace H.

“I highly recommend Deana and have already referred a few friends her way. Everyone deserves to sleep, even with a new baby! It’s absolutely possible with some hard work, discipline and good advice from an experienced sleep consultant like Deana.” — Calynn T.

“Working with Deana & Kira is the best investment my husband and I ever made!!!” — Jessica and Sterling L.