Parent Coaching

We love working with families to help them resolve any parenting issues they may be struggling with!


Parent coaches assist families with any and all phases of parenting from preparing for parenthood to parenting teens/young adults. The coach’s role is to serve as a support and guide for the family. Parent coaching allows parents to discover their own parenting philosophy and uncover the answers to their own questions. This is accomplished using a method of strategic inquiry combined with active listening, customized action plans and unwavering support. In addition, we at Future Focused Parenting particularly strive to help our clients parent with purpose by equipping them to operate from a position of intention in all they do. We are passionate about helping families move from surviving to thriving and from floundering to flourishing!


● Communicative and emotional support throughout the client/coach relationship 

● Phone, email and text communication per your chosen package 

● Detailed questioning and listening to learn about your specific goals and needs

● Fully customizable tools and strategies you can implement based on your parenting philosophy

● Availability to answer questions or change tactics as needed

● Ability to work with your specific parameters and comfort level

● Sensitivity to differing family values and priorities, and a commitment to work within them


Single one hour session – $125

Two one hour sessions – $225

Three one hour sessions – $350


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