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Season Two

Episode 37. Season Two Finale: Family and Organization

In the Season Two finale Deana and Kira talk about organization both in the home and for the family.

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Episode 36. Talking With Kids About Pornography with Brittany Homer of Raising Today’s Kids Podcast

Kira and Deana interview Brittany Homer from the podcast Raising Today’s Kids. Brittany discusses how to talk with our kids about pornography, create a family plan should exposure occur, and how strong parent/child connection is the greatest prevention of all.

For info on Brittany visit and to hear her podcast:

kids, parents, podcast, relationships, problems, talk, exposed, kinds, important, curiosity, age, sex, resources, children, harms

Episode 35. Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and More

Kira and Deana talk about PPMD (Postpartum Mood Disorder) and Kira opens up about her personal experience with Postpartum Depression.  An important episode not just for expectant or new parents to hear, but also for their friends and family in order to know how to spot it and how to help.

If you or someone you love is struggling with PPMD, or if you think you might be but aren’t sure, visit for more information and resources.

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Episode 34. Kids and Food, Exercise and More

Deana and Kira discuss the various ways they feel they were successful in fostering good food and exercise habits with their kids, as well as the areas where they feel they weren’t so successful, both with their own children and for themselves.

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Episode 33. Talking With Kids About Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction

Deana and Kira talk drugs, alcohol and addiction.  What are the conversations we need to be having with our kids? When do we start? And what does it look like when things don’t go to plan?

parents, child, healthy relationship, conversations, drugs, alcohol, important, thinking, work, addiction, substance, kids, drink, talk, bit, raising, coping mechanism, struggled

Episode 32. Blended Couplehood

Deana shares with listeners who may be in a blended family some tips and practical advice for nurturing, strengthening and caring for a remarriage or new relationship.  Amidst the complexities of children, big feelings, and loss, how do couples make sure to keep their new relationship strong?

parent, kids, couple, feelings, important, relationship, step mom, people, step dad, children, adults, adult children, family, person, blended families, feel, front seat

Episode 31. Caring For Your Relationship with Nancy Owen, Couples and Sex Therapist

Kira and Deana welcome couples and sex therapist, Nancy Owen onto the show.  Nancy discusses some of the ways relationships are affected by having children and offers practical tools and tips for navigating some of these relationship challenges for whatever phase of parenthood you are in.  Don’t miss this amazing episode that every couple should listen to!

For info on Nancy Owen:

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Episode 30. Kids and Consent, Dating and More

Kira and Deana discuss how to talk with kids about consent, dating and more in this powerful episode, as well as how much younger these conversations need to start than you might think.

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Episode 29. Kids and Consumerism

Deana and Kira discuss how to avoid raising consumerist children in a consumerist society. They talk brand names, smart spending, gratitude, gift giving and more.  They also share a listener idea for pairing consumption with family values.

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Episode 28. Talking With Kids About Sex

Kira and Deana talk about “the talk”, revealing some funny anecdotes from their childhood, as well as tips on how to start the conversation, keep it age appropriate, and avoid shrouding the topic in shame or embarrassment.

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Episode 27. Education Advocacy with Meg Flanagan, Education Advocate and Coach

Kira and Deana speak with Meg Flanagan, education advocate and coach who shares with listeners practical tools and tips for how parents can advocate for their child at school, as well as common mistakes parents make that can get in the way of effective advocacy.

Details on Meg and for her 3 FREE resources:, Follow Meg: @megflanaganeducation (facebook, instagram and pinterest) @megflanaganed (twitter)

Episode Sponsor: Jetta Anderson – Family First Midwifery –

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Episode 26. Kids and Discipline

Deana and Kira talk about discipline, what it is versus what it’s not and why boundaries are such an important part of raising adults.

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Episode 25. Kids and Family Time

Kira and Deana discuss various ways to prioritize “family time” and the reasons why it is so important for families of all shapes and sizes.

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Episode 24. Kids and Education

Kira and Deana talk about education and their thoughts and experiences so far with public school, private school and homeschooling. They also answer a listener question about education and talk about a future guest on the show, Meg Flanagan, who is a parent coach specializing in helping parents with educational challenges.

school, kids, homeschooling, parents, children, important, private school, feel, question, struggling, twin, attribute, talking, listeners, education, experienced, issue, challenges, support

Episode 23. When Parents Make Mistakes

Parenthood is fraught with mistakes and the co-hosts aren’t immune to them!  Kira and Deana share some of their own parenting missteps as well as practical ways to respond which are most likely to leave children feeling seen and heard.

mistake, parent, kids, process, deana, child, moment, big, feel, mom, apologize, podcast, uncomfortable, listening, invite, raising, hear, model

Episode 22. Kids and Safety

Deana and Kira discuss various ways parents can teach safety measures to their children, including personal safety, body safety, disaster preparedness and more.

Episode Sponsor: Family First Midwifery | Jetta Anderson:

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Episode 21. Kids and Generosity with Brad and Drew Formsma

Kira and Deana interview authors Brad and Drew Formsma, a father/son team who created Everyday Generosity and I Like Giving.  Brad and Drew talk about the 7 types of generosity as well as the ways generosity can be misunderstood. Finally, they cover how parents can foster generosity in their children and change their family lives through “The Generous Life”.

Episode Sponsor: SleepPhones: 10% off code: RAISINGADULTS10

Brad and Drew: and

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Episode 20. Kids and Santa, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy

Kira and Deana discuss the different approaches they took to Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy in their homes.  They also reveal the Attribute of the Month for February and share the news of exciting guests Brad and Drew Formsma from I Like Giving for their episode airing next week.

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Episode 19. Kids and Assertiveness

Kira and Deana discuss ways to foster assertiveness in children as well as Deana’s perspective on how obedience and assertiveness can co-exist.

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Episode 18. Figuring Our Your Family’s Values

Season Two!!  Kira and Deana are excited to be back with their second season of Raising Adults.  They share some exciting news about the upcoming season, talk about their new free offer for podcast listeners called Attribute of the Month, and then discuss the foundational “why” every Future Focused family should have: Your Family’s Values.

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Season One

Episode 17. Season One Finale: Kids and Gratitude

Kira and Deana close Season One by talking about gratitude, what is is versus what it’s not.  They share why it’s important for children to learn this concept at a young age as well as tangible ways to foster it within your family.  Exciting news about Season Two is shared including the date which Season Two will drop.

To purchase Kira and Deana’s workbooks, go to

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Spin Cycle: More on Money

Deana adds some thoughts on the earlier money episode and dives deeper into teaching investment skills as well as thoughts on teaching children about debt and credit.

investing, money, parenting, kids, saving, episode, teaching, starting, spend, credit card, talk, important, compounding, child, work, mention, great

Episode 16. Kids and Critical Thinking

Kira and Deana discuss various way to teach your children critical thinking skills when it comes to decision making and prioritization.

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Episode 15. Parents and Self-Care

Kira and Deana discuss self-care in parenting and the various ways someone might begin to make time for self-care if they aren’t already.  They also discuss the positive impact of self-care on individuals, couples and on the children themselves.  Varying types of self-care are discussed with regards to varying personality types.

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Spin Cycle: Sometimes Life Needs A Dress Rehearsal

Kira and Deana talk about a key parenting tool: rehearsing with your kids to help them know what to say and how to say it.  This can help with manners, safety prep, talking with teachers, dealing with friendship struggles and much more.

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Episode 14. Peaceful Co-Parenting After Divorce

Deana shares her strategies for creating a peaceful co-parenting relationship with an ex-partner.  Kira briefly shares her experience of being the child of peacefully divorced co-parents.

parent, child, kids, dad, divorce, people, home, year, feel, dentist, person, unkind word, tricky, mom, hard, partner, lived, marriage, relationship, relationships, split

Episode 13. Kids and Faith…Or Not?

Deana and Kira discuss the differences between a faith-based home and a non-faith-based home.  How do they look different and how are they similar?  They also discuss the big questions that have come up in their friendship and give listeners a peek into some of their big conversations.

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Spin Cycle: To Swear Or Not To Swear

Kira and Deana discuss the different feedback about Kira’s use of swear words and engage in a lively discussion about kids, swearing, and social constructs.

swearing, people, word, parenting, funny, listeners, episode, jarring, listening, f bomb, podcast, bad, spin cycle, feedback, dropped, language, friends, heard, cussing, bad words, grown up words

Episode 12. Survival Mode

When is it ok to not be Future Focused? This episode answers that important question, as Deana and Kira tackle what survival mode looks like, and how it differs from “winging it.”

eat, parent, area, focused, kids, survival mode, cook, life, day, food, week, important, future, babies, choosing, podcast, tv, television, screen time, choice, travel, sickness, illness, sick kids

Spin Cycle: When Family Members Are Care Providers

Kira and Deana answer a listener question about parenting on the same page when family members are care providers.  They discuss strategies for getting family on the same parenting page.

parent, grandparent, conversation, laws, matching, child, listener, talk, family, care provider, topic, work, episode, paying, uncomfortable, home, love, family member, daycare, nanny, childcare

Episode 11. Kids and Grief

This episode features a frank discussion of grief, including navigating the grieving process with children. Also covered: how to care for yourself as a grieving parent in the aftermath of loss.

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Spin Cycle: Different Kids Need Different Styles

In this bonus episode Deana and Kira answer a listener question which leads them to discuss the complexities of parenting two different children with different personalities and needs.

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Episode 10. Childbirth

Today’s episode deals with how preparing for birth can set you up well for parenting. Kira and Deana chat about birth preferences, labor support and the most important birth outcome of all.

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Spin Cycle: Getting on the Same Page

In this bonus episode Deana and Kira answer a listener question about the Parenting on the Same Page episode and discuss ways to communicate and work together to get on the same page when you might not be already.

parenting, talk, uncomfortable, sit, episode, working, impact, comfortable, goal, growth, agree, implement, person, parental unity, change, reasonable expectation, opportunity, unity, united front

Episode 9. Raising Kids With Emotional Intelligence

Kira offers strategic principles for instilling emotional intelligence into children. She also shares her accessible “3Ns” strategy for handling big feelings. For a deeper dive, check out her Online Program: Fostering Emotional Intelligence, use the code RAISINGADULTS for 15% off:

feelings, feeling, child, parents, kids, normalize, important, emotional intelligence, big, people, validate, calm, helping, meltdown, frustrated, hear, normalizing, acceptable, tantrums, tantrum, name, nurture

Spin Cycle: More on Chores

In this first bonus episode Deana and Kira answer a listener question about the chores episode and Kira gives an update on her kids’ new birthday chore.

chore, talk, listener, parenting, chores, privilege, episode, helpful, child, podcast, making the bed, amazing, listeners, optional, adults, responsibility, reviews, household

Episode 8. Pregnancy: Preparing for Parenthood

Kira and Deana chat about the importance of pregnancy as a foundation for Future Focused Parenting. Issues such as parent preparation, choosing a care provider and selecting a parenting philosophy are all covered.

parent, twins, baby, couples, care provider, people, pregnant, books, sleep, feel, important, plan, expecting, pregnancy, thinking, advocate, read, parenting, new parents, first time parents, new mom, new dad, first baby

Episode 7. Kids and Money

In this episode, Deana offers some practical advice for training kids in simple money management. Saving, giving and spending practices are highlighted.

money, chores, parents, teach, kids, spend, earn, dimes, spending, buy, child, honesty, talk, grew, podcast, allowance, started, save, give

Episode 6. Parenting on the Same Page

Operating on the same page with your partner is critical. Today’s episode addresses why this is so important for children to see, how exactly to present a united front, and strategies for when partners don’t see eye to eye.

boundaries, parent, kids, united, important, children, respect, consequence, feel, thought, blended family, stifled, front, watch, household, team, mom, dad

Episode 5. Kids and Screens

Have a teen who’s always on their device? Hoping to keep a little one away from video games? Listen as Deana and Kira chat about how they handle technology and offer simple and accessible ideas for dealing with this tricky issue.

screens, kids, rules, important, home, parenting, social media, video games, kindles, stuck, feel, life, tv, movies, fair, house, watch, social skills, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, television

Episode 4. Siblings and Step-Siblings

Deana and Kira discuss sibling dynamics for traditional sibling sets, twins and step-siblings. Listeners will learn tips for encouraging sibling harmony and gain problem-solving ideas for sibling squabbles.

love, siblings, parenting, people, kids, feel, important, talk, family, home, sibling, big, step-siblings, step-sibling, hear, solve, blended family, deana, step-family, twins, baby, brother, sister, brothers, sisters

Episode 3. Kids and Chores

Kira and Deana talk and house work! Ideas for age-appropriate chores are discussed, as well as thoughts around why chores are important.

chores, parenting, kids, household, bed, clean, tidy, feel, gave, house, big, set, teaching, podcast,job, wanted, helped, thought, privileges

Episode 2. Kids and Manners

Want to raise polite children? Hear Kira and Deana talk about ways to introduce and reinforce manners in your family.

sign, sign language, parenting, feelings, manners, kids, people, child, work, reminding, interrupt, implement, day, talk, podcast, hand, raising, babies, polite, payoff

Episode 1. Meet the Hosts

What happens when two parent coaches, one a Christian and the other an agnostic Jew, sit down to talk about parenting? In this introductory episode, Kira Dorrian and Deana Thayer share a little about their professional and personal backgrounds, as well as their different philosophical approaches, and discuss the fundamentals of Future Focused Parenting.

parenting, deana, kira, birth, podcast, people, important, twins, background, listening, christian, thought, husband, helping, listeners, family, jewish