Public Speaking


Interested in hearing from the Raising Adults co-hosts in person? Kira and Deana are available for speaking engagements and offer talks on several topics. Kira and Deana enjoy interacting with audiences of all sizes and would welcome the opportunity to present for your organization. Select one talk or bundle different topics into a custom speaking engagement perfect for your group! All topics are approximately 30 minutes in length and are followed by a short Q and A.

One topic (60 minutes)
Two topics (90 minutes)
Three topics (120 minutes – includes a short break)


Intro to Future Focused Parenting: 15 minutes (included with all speaking packages)

In this introduction, Kira and Deana explain the philosophy behind Future Focused Parenting, flesh out the two main components of the philosophy and provide a few specific examples.

Parenting on the Same Page

This session discusses the importance of being on the same page as your parenting partner. Participants will learn strategies for when they disagree about a parenting choice, ways to prevent accidentally undermining their parenting partner, as well as tools for planning and preparing for new issues they can see coming down the pipeline. These skills allow couples to truly feel they are operating as a team in their parenting journey.

Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Your Kids

In this talk, Kira shares her vast knowledge of emotional intelligence, as well as her practical 3Ns strategy, while Deana shares how to keep the emotional intelligence level high in a home with teens.

Navigating Anxiety

This session starts by talking about the science of anxiety, helping parents get a better understanding of what is going on for their children when they are in an anxious state. From there parents will learn things to avoid when navigating anxiety, as well as tools for them to teach their children to help mitigate worry, promote calm, and ask the questions necessary to create a safe space for conversation and support.

Gentle Discipline

This session discusses does some myth-busting around discipline as well as arms participants with tools and strategies to set strong boundaries for their children whilst still operating from a place of empathy and with a nod to emotional intelligence.

Creating Positive Sibling Relationships

This session focuses on the importance of building strong, peaceful sibling relationships and includes ways to foster a positive relationship between siblings. A child’s sibling is their first friend and this dynamic can be a wonderful set up for future friendships and relationships as they grow into adulthood.

Kids and Chores

This session introduces families to Kira and Deana’s Future Focused philosophy on chores, as well as provides several practical strategies for implementing chores in your household.

Kids and Manners

This talk introduces the importance of courtesy and respect in children, and how to go about instilling manners even from infancy through the teen years. Tools and practical tips for modeling and utilizing manners will be discussed.

Setting Up Your Unique Family’s Value System

This session helps participants understand the importance of creating foundational family values from which to parent and offers practical tools for setting up this system in the home.

Navigating a Blended Family

This session focuses on practical tools and tips for families navigating stepfamily dynamics. Deana shares expert knowledge from her years of experience as a remarried stepmom and blended family educator while Kira offers the unique viewpoint of growing up in a divorced two household family.

Preparing for Your Birth

In this talk, Kira and Deana bring their combined decades of experience in the pregnancy and birth fields to discuss how to be Future Focused as you prepare for birth. Topics can include any or all of the following: care provider choice, creating birth preferences, advocacy strategies, informed consent and effective relaxation techniques.