Here is what our clients are saying…

Working with Deana & Kira is the best investment my husband and I ever made!!! We have a parent group who had their first kid around the same time we did and they tell us they have PTSD from their experience and are hesitant to have any more kids. Because of our work with Deana & Kira we felt very confident in having our second child and possibly more in the future knowing they are on our team!  I was in a bad place around 3 months of being a new mom and my son would lightly graze and lightly sleep all day long, which meant I couldn’t put him down so he was dozing on me. I couldn’t get a break unless someone else held him. Enter Deana who was a total game changer! She was referred to us by friends who had worked with her. Deana listened and helped us with a sleep training plan we felt comfortable with. Now I love being a mom because I feel empowered by the tools Deana gave us, tools which extend beyond just the sleep schedule. We recently started working with Kira to help us with our 18 month old son as we transition into a family of 4. Kira’s background on raising emotionally intelligent kids is amazing as it’s completely different from how I was raised, yet exactly how I want to raise our children. Reading books on how to parent is great, but being able to have conversations with experts when parenting situations arise is invaluable. Deana & Kira are every parents “secret weapon”!! Thank you, thank you!!!!  — Jessica and Sterling L.

I have had the pleasure of working with both Kira and Deana.

Kira provided amazing support for me when I was about to become a parent and into the journey of raising a toddler/preschooler. The level of expertise that Kira provides in talking to your partner, communicating with your child, and educating parents on how to instill important attributes into their little ones is unparalleled. I leaned on Kira after an incident that happened with my 3 year old when I had no idea how to approach talking about the subject. She provided me with the exact tools and words I needed to help me through that experience.

I have also worked with Deana as a sleep coach. My second child has been a rough night sleeper and Deana saved me from sleepless nights. Her professional advice helped us go from an infant waking up every 3 hours to sleeping soundly most nights. Deana was amazing at being realistic with my expectations and encouraged me as a mother that I was doing the right thing by prioritizing my sleep as well as my babe’s.

I recommend both of these women in as often as I can to friends, family, and my community. — Andrea V.

Kira is funny, real, speaks from first hand experience and is energetic. My husband and I met with her a couple times via FaceTime to discuss what life after birth looks like for us as parents. I found these sessions super useful to think beyond the birth. During my pregnancy I spent a ton of time learning about labor but did not spend much time discussing parenthood. I found these sessions to be a great forcing function for my husband and I to sit down and really think about what kind of values we want to teach our child and what kind of parents we want to be. I would highly recommend these sessions to parents in addition to the labor classes they wish to take. Kira gives great feedback and provides excellent resources based on your parenting style.  — Jen Z.

We heard about Deana through our midwife. As a first-time mom, I was naïve to think babies will sleep when they’re tired. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We had never put our daughter down for an actual planned nap. She mostly fell asleep when we were out and about, or after a nursing session. At night, she often fell asleep in my arms in the recliner. Never were these stretches of sleep remotely ideal. As both baby and I grew deeper into sleep deprivation, I finally had a breakdown one day. I was frustrated and exhausted. My midwife insisted I call Deana.

We started with a quick intake call with Deana, and then had a full consulting appointment with her. I had my husband and mom on the call with me. Deana encourages all caretakers to be on the call so that everyone will be on board supporting the sleep plan. She was great at answering all of our questions and helped us put a sleep plan in place that worked for our family. We’re almost a month into our new routine, and we’re definitely a more rested family! Our daughter now sleeps 10+ hours a night all the way through EVERY night! She also takes 4 awesome naps per day. Our baby seems happier, has gained weight by eating on a more regular schedule, and she knows what to expect every day now. I highly recommend Deana and have already referred a few friends her way. Everyone deserves to sleep, even with a new baby! It’s absolutely possible with some hard work, discipline and good advice from an experienced sleep consultant like Deana. — Calynn T.

It’s been over a year since my son was born and I still tap into Kira’s gift of individualized coaching.  Kira has brought to light that new-parenthood is so much more than a baby and the pending changes to life as you once knew it.  I can’t emphasize enough how many times I’ve thanked Kira for our preparation for postpartum life.  It’s been a beautiful and welcome challenge thanks to her help.  

Before the birth, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the immediate happenings.  But pregnancy and birth are fleeting; your relationship as a couple and dynamics as a family are what remain.  When we engage with Kira, we know we’ll be asked questions that will make us think.  We’ll get honest, wise and non-judgmental feedback.  As a mother of twins, she understands.  She’s highly relational and elicits calmness and empowerment.  She’s committed to learning about the whole person and whole couple before she offers feedback.  Kira has a keen understanding of what couples need in order to optimize for joy.  Her strategies and insight have not only helped us become more mindful parents, but more importantly, they’ve brought us closer as a couple on this winding path of parenthood. 

Kira has helped us to prioritize what the foundation of “us” is, and with the continuous waves that parenthood washes to shore, she’s equipped us with an abundance of tools to stay afloat and maintain who we are as people.  We get ample time as a family but we also have monthly date nights/days; we engage in many of the hobbies we had before the birth – hiking and traveling and friend-ing; we have defined roles, yet work as a team, and we communicate more effectively.  Most importantly, we have time as individual people.  

I am constantly talking with friends, family and sometimes even strangers about my experiences with Kira.  She is an uncommon gift – a compass.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a guiding light beyond the birth! — Ashley K.

We are so glad we called Deana! She helped us craft a plan that we were both comfortable with, and that gave us a lot of confidence as embarked on sleep training our four-month-old. Almost immediately, everyone’s sleep improved, and kept improving. Not without a few hiccups, but Deana’s support over those six weeks was supportive and kind and just what we needed to keep going with the plan. Simply put, we did exactly what she said, and it WORKED. Thank goodness for Deana! — Kennan and Brent K.

Everyone told us “you’ll never be ready for a baby” and “you really can’t prepare for a baby” but as professional project manager I knew that while there was a lot I could not plan for there were certainly things that could help make life a lot easier in the midst of chaos, so I signed up for A LOT of baby and birthing classes.

Our time with Kira was the most helpful thing we received. Her ideas and techniques helped us a ton in the early months of becoming a parent and are still helping us immensely as we navigate this new life. Even as a professional list maker, I never would have thought of making a list of the things my husband and I both needed to feel like a real person. Kira helped us cut through to the essential things that we would need day-to-day to be ok and maintain a loving and respectful relationship. The first couple of weeks of becoming aparent are intense and knowing I needed a shower and coffee and my husband needs 15 minutes of uninterrupted internet surfing and a chocolate chip cookie helped us support each other. Because Kira helped us be clear about our needs in a concrete list we knew how to support each other, so we could support our baby.

She told us eventually everything we had on our original “being a person lists” would come back, and I think due in large part to Kira’s help at 5 months in to being a parent many things on our lists have come back. I do yoga 3 times a week, my husband plays soccer, and we cook dinner and hang out with friends still. We both also spend a lot of quality time with our amazing baby taking walks, traveling, going swimming, and doing babysitting swaps. Once we named the things that were important to us it made it easy to eliminate a lot of time suckers that really weren’t that important to us. Kira is authentic, kind, and fun. She’s real and she’s been through it…with twins! Kira treated us like individuals and didn’t have one-size-fits-all ideas for us as a couple. You’ll get a lot out of working with her and you’ll also enjoy spending time with her, she’s great. — Kelsey B.

We really appreciated Deana’s thoughtful approach to developing a sleep strategy that worked for our family. She earnestly listened to us and reviewed our sleep diary before tailoring a plan for our situation. Deana was readily available when we had questions and able to adapt and modify the strategy based on our son’s response. We continue to check in with Deana to this day and even pinged her shortly after the birth of our second child to get us on the right sleep path. — Don and Joy C.